Botulinum toxin

This product works excellent for those wrinkles that are caused by the movement
of the facial muscles, mainly in the area of the brow, forehead and the corner of
the eyes.


The toxin blocks the action on the muscles chosen for an aesthetic result, so these muscles
will no longer be able to move and cause wrinkles.
The application of this medication is simple, easy, fast and with effective results. No
special studies are required, the procedure is done at doctor’s office and the application
lasts only about 5 minutes, and no special care or rest following the procedure is required.
After application, the effect will be noticeable after 5-10 days and duration can vary to 4-6
months. You will love the result and you will return for a reapplication, so you only have to
apply it twice a year.

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For those who has wrinkles. It is an excellent medicine to treat wrinkles caused by
movement of facial muscles, this is why one million patients worldwide are doing this
treatment yearly.


No special care or rest following the procedure.

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