For women who wants to look incredibly sexy in a curvy body.


Lipocontour is an ambulatory procedure where the sides are reduced by framing
the silhouette and an hourglass figure, now with the Lipocontour HD, the lateral
lines of the abdominis muscles are marked and the lower region of the abdomen
is accentuated markedly the obliques. A lot of emphasis is placed on the flanks
frame decreasing the volume to accentuate the waist as much as possible and
harmonize the gluteus with volume and projection but also towards the hip,
deepening the gluteal area.
In this way the result is accentuated curves, with small waist and harmonic
gluteus, which does not leave the aesthetic parameters resulting in an attractive
and sexy silhouette.

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The woman who wants a curvy body, because this surgery tries to give a
harmonious shape to the body, in the form of an hourglass.


The surgery lasts around 2 to 3 hours and is usually ambulatory. The recovery
usually occurs in a week, so that most patients return to an office type job after 7-
10 days, to almost all of their activities in three weeks and to exercise usually
after 3 weeks.

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Is a surgical procedure that reshapes the patient's abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks.


A nose job technically called a rhinoplasty is surgery on the nose to change its shape or improve its function.

Gluteal augmentation

Gluteal augmentation surgery or gluteoplasty corrects and improves the size, shape and volume of the gluteal area.

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It is a simple surgery, with impressive results not only aesthetically but also in the self-esteem of the patients receiving the receptors of a large part of the femininity and generally an adequate volume of confidence, attraction and security.

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