Mentoplasty or chin surgery is a surgical procedure seeking by several means to
increase the chin profile and balance the facial features.


The surgery starts by performing a cut in the jaw under the teeth’s root and the dental
nerve, in order to move forward the chin. This procedure can be performed by either
silicone or other material prosthesis with small dimensions, which texture and hardness
resembles the bone.

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Patients with weak chins and profiles may be good candidates for chin augmentation.


Most patients will be able to return to work or resume their normal activities in
about one week after chin surgery. However, they must refrain from strenuous
activity and exercises for a few weeks to allow the healing to be completed

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Is a surgical procedure that reshapes the patient's abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Breast augmentation

It is a simple surgery, with impressive results not only aesthetically but also in the self-esteem of the patients receiving the receptors of a large part of the femininity and generally an adequate volume of confidence, attraction and security.

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Lipocontour is an ambulatory procedure where the sides are reduced by framing the silhouette and an hourglass figure, now with the Lipocontour HD, the lateral lines of the abdominis muscles are marked and the lower region of the abdomen is accentuated markedly the obliques.

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