A nose job technically called a rhinoplasty is surgery on the nose to change its
shape or improve its function.


Rhinoplasty is a facial cosmetic procedure, usually performed to enhance the appearance or

reconstruct the nose. During rhinoplasty, the nasal cartilages and bones are modified, or

tissue is added, to improve the visual appeal of the nose. Rhinoplasty is also frequently

performed to repair nasal fractures. When rhinoplasty is used to repair nasal fractures, the

goal is to restore pre-injury appearance of the nose.

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Patients who want to refine their noses and correct unwanted features, whether they
are caused by genetics, trauma or previous rhinoplasty surgeries. Rhinoplasty is a
great procedure for bringing balance to the face, creating a more aesthetic quality of
symmetry. There are some medical benefits to a rhinoplasty as well. Correcting a
deviated septum or nasal fracture can significantly improve breathing difficulties.


The care is simple and consists mainly in taking your medicines on time and
changing gauze in case of staining. The pain is easily controlled with painkillers
and sometimes we stop, but no, do not worry; These are new, state-of-the-art
silastic stoppers that will not bother you in the slightest and will also allow proper
breathing while you use them.

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